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Doctor Office in Puerto Vallarta

Fully administered ready to equip offices from 17-32 m²

Consultation Management

Secretary and schedule management

The most central and functional medical Doctor Office

Inside the Punto Madeira complex, a place inhabited by 55 families, mostly

Doctor Office Puerto Vallarta

Why Madeira Medical Group

Modern doctor offices located in the highest density area in Puerto Vallarta, Madeira Medical group offers spaces for every medical specialty. We count with a secretary and schedule management, use in your favor the best city for medical tourism in México.

Great Location

Versalles colony is a city icon, loved by tourists and foreigners living in Puerto Vallarta, it’s orderly urban distribution has allowed a very important development and growth.

Medical Tourism

Puerto Vallarta is the chosen destination for medical tourism in México.

Appointment scheduling

Secretary and schedule management, focus on what’s really important.

Immediate return of investment

Take the most advantage of the location and the Punto Madeira complex inhabited by 55 families, mostly foreigners.